From Drab to Fab: The Traditional Kitchen 

We took this typical builder grade kitchen from dark and dreary to bright and charming! With traditional details, the custom feel comes out through the furniture based built-in hutch, the in-cabinet lighting, and the hand cut mullions and corbels. The beautiful gold hardware and marble backsplash bring richness and warmth into the space while bringing it back up to date. 

Designer: Susan DeRidder of Live Well Interiors Inc.



  • New kitchen
  • Front entry re-vamp
  • Refinished walnut flooring
  • Window change
  • Cabinet lighting

"The quality of the finished work was outstanding and exactly what we wanted - Knight and their trades take great pride in workmanship and Neal holds his trades to high standards and will make them redo their work if it is not up to par."
- Kevin J., Lake Bonavista homeowner